The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not turbulence, it is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Peter Drucker

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Hope to share some things

Well I finally got an iPhone 4. So I got wordpress on here too and now I have a way to update a bit more. Who knows if it will happen or not.

So tonight is the Golden Womens Centre Soirée. The theme tonight is France. So I have to dress French. I’m not sure what it entails but it will be fun and I get to dress up with my lady. So that is nice too.

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With my side job, as the Golden Active Transport Coordinator. I just realised that i have the power to change peoples lives. That is huge. I am totally scared by the possibility, and thrilled by it at the same time. I can do many things that will impact everyone from Children to adults and seniors.

Changing the way that people move around the town is no small feat. However i was just looking over some notes from a meeting that i recently had, and am very excited for the future of the kids and adults in Golden. Things are starting to change, slowly but change is coming.

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Things moving along nicely!

Things are moving along nicely now. The sun is shining and im happy. I hope the winter keeps going with this balmy -10 to +10 weather. I love it. I would like a bit more freshness on the hill, but beggars can’t be choosers. On the Home front, we now have 2 new family members. They are guinea pigs, super cute and the Lady wanted them really bad for the last year, so i caved for her birthday. Super happy, she just stares at them now, instead of me. Which im not sure about. Hopefully it is a passing phase.

Apart from that, everything is going well. I am busy with work and work and work. I am getting offers to do more teaching and stuff like that. Also my active transport stuff is starting to gather pace. Hopefully we can get some changes in place by the summer. That would be super awesome!

If i haven’t included it before the link is http://goldenactivetransport.blogspot.com

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Catch up

So it has been a while. I have been super busy with life. Working my 2-3 jobs, relaxing with my lady. Travelling around Canada and the Globe, it takes its toll on you. I am a second time uncle again, to another little boy. I think i am expecting a little girl soon, from my other sister, which should be super cool. Who knows one of these days i might even gain the balls to ask as well. Time will tell.

I have a super cool new job, well it is only part time or casual but still super cool. It is a job designed to increase peoples use of there bodies, yup active transportation. So it means getting people out of cars and onto foot and bike and any other means. Anything but using the car, it is really interesting and i am looking forward to the challenges that it provides to me. I am planning on having a meeting with my boss and see where she wants me to go. If it is an open slather kind of job, then i will have my work cut out for me. If i have to play a roll in getting people out of cars, that would also be awesome. I would love to see more people out of there trucks and walking and biking. The winter so far has been very mild and it is great to see the number of people we already have. I would like to have more.

Apart from that exciting news, not much more has managed to happen here. Life is moving along quite nicely. I can’t wait for summer and spring to really start cause then we can start growing veggies and stuff. Yum!

Also i have done some admin stuff on the site, so now it is optimised for mobile devices as well. Sweet stuff!

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Been a while

It has been a while. I really should do this more, i am jsut so busy that i don’t have time to do anything with this site. It sucks as i would like to do more on here. Maybe i should commit to doing 1 night a week? Thoughts??/

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Well I have started the job hunt again, after moving to Victoria,BC. It is the capital of the Province of British Columbia. I wish something would fall out of the sky and it all would be fixed and i would have an awesome job. Or be rich without doing anything. Actually i don’t think that would be good, as i think i would get bored doing nothing. So the job hunt continues and i need to get back to it. If you hear of anything around these parts, let me know 😉

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Not feeling it

I am meant to be applying for jobs to day, however i am just not feeling like it. Maybe i should have some lunch and then tune my bike and go from there. I am tired. It is weird sleeping next to a person again, plus the room is really light all the time, so it makes it hard to sleep past 6am. I do like that sometimes, but at the moment i wish i could sleep in a bit more. I have marked some things off my list for today. I Got some things for my bike, i lost my multi tool, so needed a new one, got that. Also got an address for an indoor climbing gym. Hopefully we can do that soon, i hope so. I think i need exercise and lunch!

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Um, ok

I just had someone hang up on me cause they couldn’t understand me. Not that it is unusual in itself. Just the fact that she didn’t even ask me to repeat anything, is weird. All she needed to do was hit enter a few times and her problems would have been solved. Ignorance in computers is starting to get to me and make me mad today.

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But but….

I know this might seem strange coming from me. However i can no longer ignore it. The use of but to start sentences is wrong! Didn’t you people learn English at school. Never start a sentence with but. Not only does it make you look really stupid it also makes me feel stupid. I have seen it lots lately with journalist, and online print. It erks me no end to read,

…currently exempt from the PST. But he said Ontarians….” (excerpt from CBC.ca)

How is that good English?  Please do tell that you couldn’t use a much more eloquent word to get the same meaning across. Is the English language dying? Are we just going down to the basis of “dumbest wins”. Cause this is what it seems to be at the moment. Writing, and by this i mean Journalist are just going down to the common denominator.

I for one want to increase my word power, not decrease it. Please everyone start using bigger and better words, with a link to a dictionary. At least don’t start your sentences with but. How lazy are you?

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