Obesity where shall it lead?

Just been watching that new show on TV from Jamie Oliver. The one about British school meals. What alarms me is the amount of shit that kids seem to eat, sure it may be a promotional item to get people to be outraged. I don’t think so, personally if that shite was being served in Australian schools, I wouldn’t let my kids eat it. Luckily though or unluckily how ever you see it we don’t have set menu cafeteria style meals served in Australia. Instead it is Canteens that are the life blood of schools. Recently rules have been introduced into schools on some Eastern states, banning high fat foods. See this link for more information.While I see this as a set in the right direction, it needs to also be cemented in the home environment. I believe that to many kids now-a-days are petted and banded too. A child of 5 doesn’t know what is good nutritionally for them, little do some 18 year olds either. So why do we continue to allow our society to divert down a path of obesity? Fast food companies? Lack of will from parents? I don’t know but what I know is that my kids when I get some sure aren’t going to eat shite. I will grow the food if I have too. Fast food should be a treat, not an everyday occurrence. I was brought up in a family of 7, we were told to eat what ever was on your plate, on one hand as being polite the other as necessary not to waste food. Sure they may be the “good old days” but I want them brought back. Children seem to have many parents wrapped around there little fingers, THAT IS NOT RIGHT! I may not be a qualified parent, but I hope that I have some back bone when I do to tell my kids, no you can’t have that chocolate bar, hear eat this apple instead. If they throw tantrum, fine let them. I’m not going to pander to my kids, sure I love them but sometimes love is tough. I have deviated a bit, sure we wonder why America is the most obese nation on the planet, we look at them and say yes they are fat, but look at the fast food joins and how cheap everything is, no wonder. What most people don’t know is that Australia is ranked in the top 5 as well. So I see no need for people to go around condemning or putting down Americans but rather taking a long hard look in their own mirror and doing something about themselves. The fight with bad food and obesity starts when you look down and see a gut. Even I am not happy with the lack of exercise that I am doing, I have been for a few rides and a swim in the last 3 months. That is appalling, I really should be doing something every day, at least once a week. I am in no way a fatso, I am an athletic build. One of those “lucky ones” that can eat anything and not put anything on, most people hate people like me. The question that i am asking in all this is where do we want our futures to go? Down a processed path or one that is more natural, a way of life that has worked for at least 100 years if not 2000 years.

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