American Patriots

America the land of the free, sure that may be. Not from where I sit though. I may be an armchair critic but I have noticed some things over the period of George W Bush as president. I lived in Miami for about 3 months back in 1998. It was an eye opening view on a slice of America. Ever since that time I have noticed America go in my opinion from a great country into a seedy country built on lies and deceit. I may have grown up and realised more and had more time and other opinions to help me form this view. The people that I met in America were great, let me set that straight, very friendly. One thing that really sticks in my side is the expression of “Free Press” and “American Patriotism”. They sound grand indeed, what a great idea. The press will be free to say what they want. The reality is not quite so rosy. Many have criticized the Fox network for being pro GW Bush. I have only seen clips of this footage, but bloody hell. Why don’t they put a sign saying “We love George Bush”.
I recently saw an interview where an American journo was out on the front line in Iraq for 6 weeks, thru the whole onslaught on a small town. When that aired on American TV, he was sent death threats and told he was committing treason. Some things are out of wack in peoples heads if they think that a journo that risked his life to get a story is committing treason cause he isn’t telling it how many people wanted it to be shown, rosy and happy. America winning and invincible. It confounds me to think that people are so patriot that they send threats to people because it isn’t the way that they want it feed to them. This is an incrimination on the American Press, building a country and more importantly a people that are largely unable to think for themselves on matters that important to them. People like Michael Moore have only come to the fore because of the lack of difference/ variation in media reports. I’m sure that there are people over in America, that are similar to Mr Moore, have a voice and are expressing it. I remember a few years ago when the group the Dixie Chicks were banned and put up for slaughter by the American Press, for saying that they didn’t think that G W Bush was a good President or something similar. They too were treated as traitors, why? Cause they didn’t tow the line, “love America more than anything else”, or “Gloss everything over so we don’t have to deal with the real issues”? I think that America needs to have a look at what is written in the media about them and then judge for themselves what they want out of there country and more importantly there leaders.
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