Hitler, was he really bad?

I have been thinking about this for the last few weeks, since ANZAC day (25th, April). I haven’t read much about Hitler himself or many of this thoughts or books. But in saying that, im sure that he must have had some ideas that could have benefited the population on the whole . Sure i know that he was phscyotic, a total wacky man. I was just thinking in the beginning that he might have had some good ideas. Maybe some way to get people motivated for a common good, or something. I’ll have to find more out.
Any how i am looking forward to the new German film about Hitler called Downfall. It looks interesting to me, just to get a new idea on who he was.

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One Response to Hitler, was he really bad?

  1. coralie says:

    apparently, yes. he did have some very good ideas & did some wonderful things for germany, but perhaps it was the power & the subsequent abuse of it which then made him go off the rails. from my very limited knowlege of him, i understand perhaps that he also had some mental issues.

    anyway, i’m going to read your other two posts about him now & see what you said.

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