I maybe old, in some peoples eyes. Mainly the people that are below 20 years old. I don’t have much experience at dating, mainly cause most of the chicks that i get to know are really good friends. I come from a family of 4 girls and me. I’m in the middle, maybe it was the amount of chicks that i was around as a young guy, but i treat women with respect. They seem to like that, but taking that next step has always been difficult for me. I have recently subscribed to a dating site. I’m not exactally sure why, bit of fun. I’m not normal for my age, most like going out on weekends, i like chilling at home, typing in my blog or doing assignments for TAFE. So how do you overcome the troubles of going past girls that are friends on to dating? I’m not sure(that is why i’m asking you blog readers). I’m not gay, i can say that for sure. I like the female form. I guess the quandary is how do you guage the reaction from chicks if they are keen but you have no idea how to read that? Sure i know some of the obvious signs, flinging of the hair, laughing at everything. Are there somethings missing. I don’t want to sound desperate here, but in some ways i feel that i am. I have just moved from across the other side of the country so in some ways i know that i have only 5 or so friends. They are mostly cousins and TAFE friends too. I am hoping to the more populus area of perth i.e. north of the river, that i will get more friends and be able to find someone special for me. Just looking for a few answers to things.

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