Marriage, Divorce and Society

Just wanted to express some ideas here (that is why i have this blog!) It seems that divorce is on the rise and marriage as a union is on the decline. In details released by the ABS it states the facts clear and simple, read it now. While it does state that there was a rise after the Family Law act of 1975, it has been basically a steady rise in divorce. Why is this so, do people not get on with each other as they used to in the older days? I wonder what will be the case in 20 years, with all the kids that are “fallout” from broken marriages? Will they think that it is ok, to live in a de facto relationship for ever or that marriage isn’t an important union, that is has lost relevance to society as a whole. I am some what of a conservative on the topic of marriage, i believe that it is a union between man and woman. Sure i think that you can have a special someone else, but i don’t believe that it should be ordained as marriage before God or any legal entity.
Back to the kids in all this, how are the parents and kids meant to relate to each other if the father or mother isn’t around? It becomes a dis-jointed relationship with mainly the father as he usually leaves the scene. For a young fella growing up without a father figure, can be, i believe detramental to a guys later life. Whilst the mother can play a part in the development of the manly side of a guy, she can’t complete the picture. There are something that a father has, a special bond. Like a mother with a daughter and talking about puberty. I don’t think that a dad would be in there tell his daughter what do with the tampon? Same sorta thing with a father and son relationship. The most important years that a father needs to be around in my books are from 4-15. It is these years that guys do most of there learning in my books. It cements them into society as a helpful and respectful person.

Back to divorce now, i don’t know why it has been on the increase is it like stated in the page that i mentioned earlier.
An increase in the number of divorces may reflect a greater prevalence of unhappy marriages, or greater acceptance of dissolving unhappy marriages.” source:
It seems that people are getting married later in life and seperating after 2-5 years, why? It is because of the fact that they can’t keep the facacde up any longer, grown restless or some other reason? Isn’t marriage meant to last a lifetime, “until dead do us part”? Has this just flown out the window, to be replaced with “until i get fed up with you”? I hope that when i find that special lady that, i know her as a great friend and also as lover. Entwined with my heart and soul, a vital part of my existance, whom without i couldn’t live. I want to be like my parents in some respects, happily married for over 30 years. It seems so remarkable that in today’s society that you see couples celebrating there 10,20,50 years together. Are these couples a dying breed? I hope not, cause i want to get my diamond anniversary gifts!!! In some sense i see it that society is falling apart in this way, people are just becoming meat for the slaughter. There is always someone younger, more attractive out there that can catch someone’s eye. Why do chick’s get so jealous when there beau is looking at other women? Is it just natural guy’s taking a look or trying to find something better than they already have? I’m not sure, but from my perspective i think that if i saw my girlfriend doing the same i would feel like im useless and not good enough for my lady. I’m getting a little off track now, im sure that it all ties in some how, just not sure.
Anyhow there are some things to ponder on until i blog again.

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  1. Luna says:

    Ah, well said! …and so refreshing. Finally a guy that understands why women act like that when their man is checking out someone else…in front of them!

    I think to see this early in life (divorce) would make me believe that nothing can last; that at first sign of trouble you should abandon ship. There will be the few, of course, that will make their own marriages work when they get older…but it will be hard for them, since they will not have someone to look up to.

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