Hitler, again

Well i went to watch Downfall yesterday with my Dad, in a Cinema in Northbridge, Perth. What an eye opening movie that was. There were several stages in that movie that i thought “was is going on here?”, “how could people do this?” The actor that played Hitler, Bruno Ganz . He played the role with such force, that from the minute that i saw him on the screen, he WAS Hitler. It deserves every aclaim that it gets in my book. It really is good, i would recommend it to anyone who thinks that the Third Reich is good or anyone that wants to learn more about Hitler.

Previous to a post that i did a few weeks ago, i am struggling to find any good points out of this mad man. The only thing that i can think is good is the way that he rallied his country to a common cause. That though could be related to the lost of the first world war. The way that the people wanted to have something good to believe in and he provided it. The movie how ever showed a different side to things, he felt that the reason he lost was because his country let him down and he gave them everything and if the civillians died well, so they should. They should be fighting for the country. check this review of the movie out. I think i will drop the Hitler topic for a while, until i can find some good that came out of the who affair.

The main reason that i thought that he could have done some good was, to be used in a primarly business scene. A way to encourage people, fear is not a good motivator. I’ll keep looking. Oh and another thing that was good that came out of it was the Chick who played Traudl Junge- Alexandra Maria Lara. She is a hottie waiting to get big in Hollywood or other films. Great actress, can’t wait to see more of her stuff.

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  1. Amadeus Brand says:

    Dear author,

    I am a schoolboy from Werribee in Melbourne. I was looking for some good factual information about Hitler and I was suppressed and really appreciative of your attempts to find the good, the truth in Hitler. After the allied victory much information was manipulated to make him seem like an evil man with a twisted mind; however it is through people like you, who search for the truth that this truth survives. Good luck on your journey of finding out the truth, remember that your work will be appreciated by others even though most will try to hide this fact.
    Yours Sincerely
    Amadeus Brand

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