“How many time have you been pushed around?
Is any body there, does anybody care?
And how many times have your friends let you down, is anybody there?
Did anybody stare?, oh
And how many times have your friends let you down
just open up your heart, just open up your mind”
“… oh life is waiting for you, its all messed up, but well survive.”

Words from Our Lady of Peace, Life. Good stuff i reckon, considering what happens in most peoples lives everyday. Why are we so afraid to stand up for something that we believe in, even if it is wrong? There seem to be many examples that i can think of, where i haven’t stood for what i believe. Mainly because of the fact that there isn’t any tangible proof that i am right or can’t write a list of my beliefs. This leads me sorta onto my topic, standing up for beliefs. One theory that i have is that people don’t want to stand out of a pack, the feeling of wanting to belong has become so strong that people don’t break the mould of what is normal, or should that be excepted? Sure there are the odd people that fight tooth and nail for what they want, i reckon most people would call that pig-headedness, or something similar. There has to a be healthy medium in there somewhere, a balance where we can stand on our own merits/ beliefs even if others think that they are misguided. Then on the other hand we can fade back into the pack and agree with everything. This is a hard topic to write on really, cause we are all individuals, and therefore we all think differently. Maybe it is the common objective of society that people don’t stand up to? From my point of view there seems to be lots of nothingness out there. To many people blah-blah blah- blah. Bullshite, that was. Not all of it but some of it, but i can’t be bothered to write it out again. Sounds like i’m coming back to Nazi sorta rules, but i don’t want to i guess that i want a healthy view of peoples opinions. I want to learn more about everything, there are so many people out there, and each one of them has a story. I want to get a different side of the story than is reported on the 6pm news and in papers. Underground activities, radical ideas about greening mars. I think i heard somewhere that “Knowledge is the root of understanding”. Could well be, but there are somethings i would like to know now! How big is the universe, Will Susan leave Neighbours? Important things!! (LOL) The main reason that i can sense from this blog is that i’m just not content with what is around, i want to know, see, experience more from life. Maybe it comes back to my previous post about Dating? Who knows, only time will tell. Catcha Champions!

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