What is terrorism? Dictionary.com describes it as ” The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. “

How ever is it really this simple, i think not. Whilst the above is a good description of what terrorism is. How can it describe what people are fighting for. If you want to know some facts that have mainly been confined to the history books about terrorism. Back in the 1980’s Americam actively trained and recruited Taliban Afgan’s to fight the current diplomatic government. After a few bloody years, they won. Now come up to the present-ish time and you will find that the Taliban have been defeated by, the Americans. Why because they harboured terrorist. Ironic really seeing that they trained the forces that they were mounting a war on. Not much has been said since about what is happening in Afganistan since the war was “over”. I only know about the new president being elected and that is about all. What about the American forces that still continue to look for Osama-bin Laden? It seems as though that isn’t news worthy any more so it shant be talked about. Oh well i guess the internet can help.

One thing that really gets up my nose is the way that governments can put people into power, and then when they say that it isn’t in there best interests, they over throw them with another war. Stupid tactics i think. It is all a point of perspective i think, who knows who is right when both sides have been fighting for so long. Any war that isn’t peacful is a waste of time. Something that i don’t want to be apart of. Sure i would be scared shite less if i did have to go to war, i don’t want to have to bear the same torrid nightmares as my Pa or other relatives. I would perfer to live in the bush until the war was over, safer and more humane. Well that is my thoughts. Basically Terrorism is a way of thinking and many need to open up there minds to other ideas.
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One Response to Terrorism

  1. Joaquin says:

    What you said about the goal of terrorism is what most people (especially
    the Bush administration) don't get. Everytime we react to terrorism
    in a way that curtails our freedom, we've scored one for the
    terrorists. Terrorists will achieve the ultimate victory not when
    they've killed all of us, but when they've achieved the transformation
    of our society from a free one to a police state.

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