Jobs II

Further more to my last post, or one of them anyhow. About wanting it on a glass platter- is it really true. I am sure that there are heaps of jobs out there for people that want them. WA has one of the fastest growning economies around in Australia at the moment. Most of the jobs seem to be around in Blue collar work. Does this type of work have a disease or a curse placed on it? It seems as though lots of people don’t want to get into hard physical labour. Why? I am at an end to explain why this is the case. There is something about coming home at the end of a day at work and feeling buggered (not literally) then going to bed and sleeping like a baby. I have trained for 3 years to study IT, worked in the industry for 2 years and then left. May sound dumb but really it is a good move, seeing from my point of view that i wanted to get into life. I loved plants so i decided to take on the Horticulture track. People say that i am young in my life, 24 at the moment. I don’t think that i am! I think that after my few years of training i will get a job where i will be earning more that i ever thought i could in IT. Not just based on skill, but because of the lack of people doing Horticulture. There are plenty of hacks out there, doing dodgy jobs. I want to be know for a good job and honest price. I would happily take on people when i get my own business, you have to start somewhere.

Later Champions

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