I have just taken up this sport. IT is the best thing ever. I have wanted to do it for ages. Finally had a chance with a friend- Abby. I am in a 415, which i am told is a log of a kayak, but great fun. Her family is kinda short, and i am kinda tall, so the paddles are a bit out of reach (short) but it is so much fun. I went last Friday and this Friday as well. I have always wanted to go on a trip up the West Coast of Australia since i saw an article some 5 years ago in Australian Geographic. It wasn’t about that exactly more like people traveling up the east coast of Australia from Rockhampton to Cape York, or something like that. I am getting straighter now, it has been 2 weeks and it is pissing me off that i can’t go in a straight line. I might have figured that bit out now. I think it has to do a bit with core stability, and seeing as though i haven’t done any exercise for the last 6 months it is really helping. I got a bit straighter today- hopefully if i do some exercise before coming to paddle i will be able to go in a straight line. I am sore after the paddle, we go out for about 1 hr. Abby reckons that it would cost about $1000 to $1200 to get a good setup. Need to start saving up my pennies. Or i could just keep paddling and borrowing Abby’s kayak!!

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