Passionate Brasilians

I have been going thru my old letters, that i didnt know that were still around. Ones from Friends long ago and such, when i came upon a love letter from a Brasilian chick, that i lived next door to. She was 15 i think, i was 16. It scared the pants off me at the time, but now i can laugh at it. I am going to write it out for you. I might regret it but hey this is my blog!! It was translated from Portugues to english. I got told the poem over the phone in Portugues.
Your eyes,
Your body,
Your hands,
Your lips,
To always touch them!
To never lose them!
To kiss your lips
To play with your body
To say with intensity
To look inside of your lips
Saying with glance
Sweet words
Without saying a word
Just saying
In a delayed of a silence!

HOLY SHITE! See why i was freaked out? Unfortunatly for the record, i didn’t hook up.

Hasta Luego Champions.

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