Teen Obesity

Look around the shops, how many teens are sporting bellies? I am mainly talking about the 17-23 age group. Most of the people that i see walking around have a slight little bellie, but maybe it could be larger than a slight one, im not too sure. Some have it hanging over there jeans. It is sickening, not throw-up sick, but it is sad that things have come to this point in australian society, that it is the norm for people. I have a friend who is doing weight-watchers, she is only 19. I personally think that it is too young to do dieting like that. Although i am not a female, i don’t know the pressures placed on females today. I do think that most of these people could undergo a dose of exercise and limit of food ( men included). What would it do, reduce weight for one. I prefer my women to be lithe. If you don’t know what that means look it up in the dictionary. Basically i think that it means that they are fit and active people, like me. Why have we as a country allowed ourselves to get to this point? I have always thought of Australia as an active country, maybe this perception has changed, or needs to be changed in my mind?

The friend that i was talking about before in this article, is now fit. She looks great, plus she is keeping it up with exercise. However one of her friends, which i fancy has a slight gut. Whilst i am attracted to her personality, i am also turned off by her gut. If she was to get rid of that, i would be head over heals. Am i just a shallow bastard? Should look deeper, maybe. One thing that i will say is that i thing that i could over come this, initially. I don’t think that she could keep the gut with how active i am, i love to do exercise when the weather is right. So get out there, and exercise, even in your lounge room watching Sunrise , like me!!

Exercise champions!!!

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