Natalia Cooper

If you live in perth, you will know who i am talking about if not, check her out. She is a news reporter, or weather person i should say. One thing bugs me each day that i see her lovely face on the screen. Her hair, she definately needs to take some lessons from Lavidia Nixon. She is a lady of class. If only Natalia would put it up completely once a week. She is an attractive lady, clothes are ok, could be a bit more funky and young, the hair is my main buff. Make it interesting, please Natalia!!

Don’t neglect your Hair Champions, it is a key ingredient to looking good.

ps i know i can’t spell tonight.

<i> *** /Begin Edit This post was written on theย  8th June 2005 and was closed for comments on 30th October 2007. Thanks for reading. /End Edit***</i>

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23 Responses to Natalia Cooper

  1. Gussy says:

    You know what Nick. I wrote this post as i had just arrived in Perth after totally starting my life again. So Yes i was bored, and yes i did get depression, and yes i don’t write about it any more. I get out there and experience life. One reason i’m so far away from Australia. I’m going to close comments now, not because im afraid of your comments, but because it was a good post, back in the day. That has got some increasing attention as time went on. Time to make it history rather than current events.

  2. warren says:

    A blog about a weather girl in perth – which is the most boring and ignored city in the world…

    The Internet is full of creeps including my self now???

    Get real you fucking losers!?!? And get out there and get laid!!!


  3. nick says:

    but to think you’d have the time to write this kinda emphasises the fact that you really dont have anything better to do then write a blog about a weather girl…

    sick life

  4. Gussy says:

    Nick, Can i just tell you something? I wrote this post over 2 years ago. When i had just arrived in Perth. It isn’t meant as an insulting post at all. I do find Natalia pretty. The fact that your flaming me, doesn’t make me want to write nice things back to you. I did in fact go out with a model in Perth, and the people that matter to me think im handsome.
    SO why should i give a shit what you think? Natalia has chosen a job that is in the public eye, (to a degree) which in turn, unfortunately will bring out comments which you might not like.
    I am not in any way saying that she isn’t pretty, just that she should have done something with her hair. I can’t even watch her now that i have moved to the other side of the world! Now that is a shame.

    I have moderated this post over time, and taken some very vulgar and offensive stuff off, so rather than insult My blog and My opinions. Take a broader view and see that it is a compliment to her that someone is writing about your sister, and not being overly critical. It is just hair after all.


  5. Nick Cooper says:

    hey gussy its natalias brother here. you have way too much fuckin time on ya hands mate. i dont think you should be saying shit about her your probably not that great lookin yaself. i doubt youd ever have a girlfriend that would even compare to natalia.
    get a life ya fucken loser.

    o katie tali sez hi haha

  6. James ( says:

    Hey guyz,i dont know natalia too well,but she definately makes the news worth watching,although i dont like how u guyz are alwayz sayin how hot she is,yerr she is pretty easy on the eyes,butt thats not all thats good about her ๐Ÿ™‚
    thankyou guyz,just thought id write what i thought
    hope i didnt offend anyone and
    if anyone wants too add me,feel free

  7. Nacey says:

    Natalia’s just wonderful! She can wear her hair any way she likes, I don’t mind. The Lorenz family sends her our love!

  8. Katie says:

    I am one of Natalia’s closest friends and if you ever met her you would know that her hairstyle doesnt matter as she is an all round beautiful person, up or down she’s hot and a great chick. I watch her every night all the way in france, Go Tali. You Rock! Cheers Katie

  9. NataliaCwatcher says:

    Whatever the weather we’ll weather the weather together whether we like it or not. Best argument for cloning since the last one that girl, nice to share the love, I wonder if she likes cooking ? I see her sincerity through her smile morphing into a domestic scenario, welcome to my fantasy.

  10. headintheclouds says:

    She needs to change nothing. Every day I come home and look forward to seeing her just the way she is as the dress’ neckline plunges lower and lower… And Nick, please send me her phone number!

  11. fivecougars says:

    Heres a clip of her on The Footy Show, Sam Newman certainly liked her lol

  12. sebastian says:

    Love her. Only reason why I watch Channel 9 news. Did anyone else see her on The Footy Show last night. Thumbs up Natalia.

    Kepp up your good work.

  13. Shes the hottest aussie chick on TV for sure!

    Whenever she talks about the seas and the swells.. lets just say the sea aint the only thing swelling to 2 metres!

  14. mwaite says:

    could i have a pic of you and could you sign it please and cound i meet you at work

  15. Gussy says:

    Wow, if only you knew that i went out with a model before? But then again, you don’t like my blog. Which is fine, it isn’t for you. Its for me. Thanks for stopping by though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Adam MANLY says:

    What are you a bloody poofter? Stop flicking pebbles you soft cock and just enjoy the view. Who cares about what her hair looks like when the total package is better than you could ever hope for. Except for she’s engaged/married, so that’s shit. And so is your blog.

  17. nick says:

    oi shes my sister

  18. nosubstitute says:

    Hands down she is one of the good looking girls I’ve seen in Perth…Lived here for the last two years only handful of girls (I mean it) impressed me, and you are definatly one of them. Don’t care much about the hair or anything else for that matter with your smile you could lite up cloudy nite. So keep that sincere smile thats all I care. Gosh I will miss you in about three months time…Good luck with your future endeavors

  19. isaac says:

    I know natalia personally, and she is great. She has a great personality and has done a lot for the public. Go Natalia, and keep your hair how you want it

  20. Darryn John says:

    Hay Natalia looks great every night, i would love to see her live.

    Its the only reason i watch ch 9 news not for Dixie, Natalia should take her job.

    cheers friends, love you lots Natalia

  21. Nancy says:

    As long as she’s smiling and both her breasts are still there, I don’t mind.

    I’d go gay for the weather girl!

  22. Frank YOKINE says:

    Natalia could tell me the sky was falling.
    I wouldn’t question her.
    She wsan’t wearing anything on her ring finger tonight.
    Thats not good for a 57 year olds’ blood pressure!

  23. SMP says:

    AHHH, didn’t take you long before you fell in love with the TV weather girl!!!
    Livinia may be decent, at least you still get to see her if you can handle
    watching Failure of the Century. As long as she has a good stomach, I’m sure
    you’re impressed..

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