I dont know if it is just me or are drivers being more stupid in wet weather?? I was driving along a freeway today, i couldn’t hardly see anything from the spray off other cars. I have a white car, and being sensible and driving defensively. I put my lights on, nothing worse than having a car you can’t see! But i passed at least 10-15 cars that are either white or light coloured that didn’t have there lights on. I can bearly see the car in front, but somehow i am meant to see them?? C’mon drive safe, put your lights on when it is raining heavily! Not only will it help your saftey but also those around you. Another thing that got me today was a person going 70 in the outside lane. The normal speed is 100km/h. It was plain dangerous, i did everything reasonable get this lady to move over, but nope, she didnt want to move. I was flashing my lights on high beam for about 5 mins. I even had a truck up my arse, doing the same thing to me. She was obvious to it all. So i sat on her arse for a while, i’ll the truck got out of the way. Then got out of that situation. Remember road rules in ALL STATES is drive left unless overtaking. This person/lady was a plain danger to herself and traffic.She was also driving a light coloured car with no lights on. Suprise suprise.

Drive left, stay alive champions

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  1. coralie says:

    it bugs the hell out of me when people do that. my mum’s a shocker for it.

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