Body Image

I started this post title as “Women’s body image”, but then thought that it wasn’t really right. As men have body images as well. I know that when i see a guy with huge arms, i take note (Sometimes!). Usher is an example of someone who i look at and go, holy shit. That dude is buff, how did he get like that? Exercise i know, but geez that would have taken a bit of time! Not in a gay sense, but just mainly i guess, out of admiration for dedication to stick at it for so long. I have been reading Cosmo lately (shock horror) it is the only mag laying around, my surf mag is in the back of the car, to far to walk! But it has had some interesting articles in there, between all the “how good are you in bed” talk. One of the pictures that i saw, it was for clothing had all different sized women. Not normal straight as a die women. It was good to see this, they are getting away from the normal body type image of women. Maybe cause Cosmo is aimed at the older age group 20+? I have mentioned this before but women that are lithe, get me looking straight away. Now most would think that it people that are skinny as all hell, but it isn’t i like a rump too. (LOL, no holding back now!!) They just need to be fit for there age, look good. Basically value themselves by looking the best that they can be. That is my idea of body image, being in the best condition that you can be in. Looking after your long term health, it will all catch up to you at a later date.

One other thing that i wanted to say, which will get quite a lot women and men too angry is. I want to get fatter! I am to skinny, not that i don’t like being skinny. I just wish i had a bit more “meat” on me. I know that when i reach a certain age, not doubt around 45-50, i will develop a gut and get fatter. I just feel all knobabily, i am loosing weight even as i try and put it on! I as you might have read i am into kayaking at the moment, so i am doing some fitness work for that, and whilst doing that i am loosing weight!! how can i tell, i dont have a scale. My watch is getting looser around my arm, it is starting to turn over my arm. ARRRGH, i want some fat. I unfortunetly can’t take donations, i need to build it up. I will however take donations of food, and the like. Please contact me personally via email. That will be it for now.

Body image is how you feel about yourself, inside and out. Take care of everything, you only got one- Champions

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