Plant Test

BLOODY HELL!! I am pissed, really. I don’t think that i can get over this without talking about it. We had a plant test today, the big finale. 40 plants, name then by botanical and common name. I was flying, got heaps right. I got a respectable 140/150, not sure what that is in percentage, something like 90%. I was aiming for 100%, could have got close too, if only i hadn’t F*$ked up majorly on one question. I am kicking myself, literally if i could. Peoples i will give you the questions, you can answer it for your self, but i’ll help. Make is a mutiple choice one.
“Provide the botanical name for two plants that can be used as a low border”
a. Tiny trev (small shrub)
b. Blue fescue (ground cover)
c. Gazania or Treasure flower (ground cover)
d. Seaside Daisy (ground cover)
e. Lantana (ground cover)
f. Allysum (ground cover)
g.Cape honeysuckle (climber)

What did i choose, a. and g. yes, i got a right. g. no go. I protested until the cows came home, they followed fairly fast. I accept responsibility for putting the wrong plant down. I knew that i should have changed it, i was thinking that during the test as well. The one thing that really gets my goat is i dream, these plants. It is sick i know. I role over at like 3am, what do i think of, not how cold it is or anything like that. I think of a plant and its botanical name!! SICK!
Yet, Abby (I have to name her) rocks up after studying for 2 hrs on a bus, half cut and sleep deprived. And pulls a 144 on me. She has done it all semester, and frankly it is getting up my nose!!! Is there nothing that i can do to stop this? Abby has missed a few classes to, me none!. Thank God that there are no more tests in this course. I can’t be humilated any more. It has become my mission to stop her, at least once. Maybe next semester!

I’m going to kick myself some more, kick me if you want too. Only in person though, Champions.

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