Centrelink and TAFE

hate ’em both, yep they sure have there ups and downs. Today i had to go into Centrelink to tell them that i was still studying for the next semester, i was going to go to Rockingham and stand in line for like 40mins, but thought that i was going to tafe. So why not go to Freo, that is where the letter came from as well. So i trundled off into Freo, found the place without getting lost which was a real suprise for me. 🙂 Then i went it, was the only person in line. Then i thought to myself, what is wrong here, normally i would be like 120 million gazillion people deep. Ok maybe that is a bit of an over exaggeration here. ANYHOW back to the story so i fronted up, told the lady what i needed to do and was told to take a seat and someone would be with me soon. About 5 mins later ( i know i was blown away as well!) a guy came over and helped me. He was very through and helpful as well. I also remembered to ask all the question that i could think of and also some i didn’t think of until i was there. It was my best Centrelink experience yet! And that is saying something! Now we come onto my bad part of the day.. TAFE. Don’t worry there is also some good in there as well so you’ll be ok, no boogy men around.

I got accepted into the Cert II- Horticulture Landscape course, which is very exciting to know about. The silly thing is that i still have to pay like $700-$800 bucks for my course. I don’t think that i have ever payed that much for a course ever in all my studying (except for this year). I think that the total of my study bills have come up to like $1,000 and that was for a diploma! So i am a little peeved off at the TAFE at the moment, seeing that i am a strugling student and all. They did say that they have a payment plan, but that is bull shit. The government can take the cost of the course, i’m going to be paying enough later on in taxes. The least that they can do is cover my study fees at one of there government funded schools. I think i might have to find out a loop hole or something. Don’t think i’ll find one though, but i’ll look all the same. Well i’ll leave it there.

Fight the establishment Champions!!!

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8 Responses to Centrelink and TAFE

  1. NTD Training says:

    it is a nice post

  2. matt says:

    fuck cenrerlink im going to live in the bush

  3. Linda says:

    Yeah I agree wid everything you said! I enrolled in Tafe for hospitality course and it costs $1000…..THATS FOR ONLY HALF THE YEAR!! On top of that is that we need to buy the uniform which is $450 on top of our fees. Ridiculously enough I really wanted qualifications so I went. Centrelink was meant to pay for most of it coz we all are unemployed. The only thing stopping me from knocking their heads in is the fact I get youth allowance.

  4. WAde says:

    Bet you guys are grateful when that centerlink payment does come through, when rents due and there’s no food in the fridge.. At least your not in India or the majority of other countries in the world (the US included where you’ll get food stamps and dont even have public health cover) you think the government would give you anything at all!?? Your a bunch of ungrateful tipical Aussies and if you dont like Tafe or CLink then get a bloody job or go live in the bush!!!!!!!!!

  5. BOBBY says:

    I remember applying for a hospitality course they wanted me to pay $600 for 1yr but the clothes in $470 for everything such a rip n that discounted cause i get youth allowance i didnt ended up doing it

  6. Anon says:

    I think centrelink are assholes… be very careful about watching exactly how much you get paid by centrelink because even if its there fault they can dump the blame on you and you can end up in lots of trouble…
    I think most australians can think of friends and family who have all been screwed over by centrelink…

  7. Lin says:

    I hate Centrelink too. Such dumb ignorant people who pretends to care. Perhaps the government should pay for better actors.

  8. Peter says:

    i agree wit u in every way!!! I have been goin to TAFE for about 4 weaks now and being told i was getting paid as a fulltime student. this is after 4 months of no payment. so i was there at tafe in class and the lady from tha front office came in and asked for me. so i got up and when to the office with her. we sat down and started talking and she sayed i havnt paid tafe for my enrolment. i was told by centre link that they paid that for me!!! so i have been so called “cheating the system” but i have somthin cumin for them!!! they cheated me!!! they havnt paid me for four months. thats a total of over $1440, PLUS i have to pay over $200 for enrolment!!! on top of all this my mothers allowance of $80 a fortnight, which she was getting for caring for me, they took off her because i was now getting allowance from centrelink but the truth is that I WASNT!!! thats a total of over $660 if you add all that, they have cost me over $2300 dollars!!!

    WARNING do not beleive these people!!! THEY ARE LIERS AND THIEVES!!!

    We Must Start Stopping These People From Screwing With Our Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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