Last day of Tafe

Well, it is over now. I have finally finished my first 6 months back at TAFE. It has had it’s moments of ups and downs, highs and lows, verticals and horizontials. Now that is just being stupid! The time has been fun, unfortunately i am going to be changing courses and moving from general horticulture to landscape. I think that i will find this more exciting, as it is where i want to end up. I will do this course for 6 months and then go from there, see how it all goes. Maybe might need to do another course after this but that would also be only 6 months. So in a year i could be a fully fledged landscaper, how about that! Geez scary that within a year and a half you can change professions all together. I am hoping though to put the two together and get into a sorta maintenance making things role, maybe sales. Who knows, i’ll follow the path until i need to turn. Well i am basically waisting time now, trying to amuse myself. Geez i really need a job. Oh forgot to tell you all that i will miss the people from tafe, they were a good bunch. Some were a bit weird, others were good friends, i should see most of them around next semester, but they will be doing Hort. General. Oh well i hope that i can keep in contact with the people that aren’t coming back again. Not sure what some people are going to do, leave or continue on. That is up to them, but i would like to see them around again.

Choices are forks in the road of life, make them wisely. Don’t forget you can turn back too!
Later Champions.

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