Cow bells and sharks

I know that it is a strange combination to put together, but hey. I can. I was out on the town on friday night for my sisters 27th. It was a great night, we hired a bus and that drove us around the place. We ended up in Northbridge, but one of the places that we stopped off at was “The Bog” really bad name for a pub. It was irish and totally empty at around 10pm. They still asked us for ID though, don’t get that. Back to what i wanted to talk about then. They put a song on with a cow bell in it, can i just say “OH MY GOD” they sound wicked! I don’t know if it was because i was drunk or not but it was great fun, it is an instrument that isn’t used much. So if you know of any songs that feature Cow bells let me know.

Now onto the scary part of things, my mate Tim when on a GWS hunt. If you don’t know the lingo then it is Great White Shark, do i have to spell everything out??!.lol Anyhow he sent me some photos, and i almost shat my daks. It is like the shows on TV that you see. Don’t know if i could have the balls to do that. He also went in the water with them, HELLO WAKE UP TIM. THOSE SHARKS EAT PEOPLE. He said that he felt safe, but i don’t know, it would need to be on land for me to feel even slightly, remotely safe. I put his picks up at Flickr . Check them out and tell me what you think.

I couldn’t grow my balls that much to jump in with Sharks Champions.

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3 Responses to Cow bells and sharks

  1. Troy says:

    Van Halen: Dance the night away
    Nazareth: Hair of the Dog
    Mississippi Queen (I think)

  2. Luke says:

    thanks rez, i know that one, but anymore would be helpful.

  3. rEz says:

    Rage against the machine – Killing in the name of. Cow bell in intro and outro.

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