I enrolled in TAFE today, boy was that a bit of fun, they were all running around not knowing what to do. The computers were not working correctly, kept on chucking up errors. No one seemed to know what to about the problem. I had to wait in a queue to enrol in my electives, then i had to wait in another queue to get put on the computer. Wait in a queue to get on the payment scheme, and then wait in another queue to pay my deposit. So how many queues have i been into? IF you answered 4 then you are giddy with delight. Good things happened today i think, it is offical i jumped a semester! That is a good feeling. I also had to waste some time, so i decided to help Abby finish off her weed assignment, that was due about 2 weeks or so ago. Not bad hey, geez im a generious soul. It was worth it though, i wasted a few hours. I then went to Kings park where i was meeting some friends from Melbourne. They were running a bit late, so i had a wonder around the park a bit. Great place to visit, but don’t forget the Morton Bay fig that is down the front on the right as you come in. OH MY GOD! is it beautiful, i don’t think that i have seen one so nice in a while. I had a late lunch at Frasers resturant, really nice place. The food though was a bit of a let down for me. I suppose the view made up for it though- looking right over perth. Magnificant. I did enjoy catching up with them, they are good fun to hand around. Mind you they are thinking if buying a farm in Coldstream (Melbourne) for $1M- with 5 acres of land. I was like holy mooly, that is a lot of money, but he is a doctor so could proberly afford it. Thanks Geoff and Sue for lunch too, it was great!

Anyhow i’m off Admire the scenery Champions

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