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Other peoples blogs

Tweet Just been looking over the net to try and find some interesting blogs, i found one! If you don’t know i am a soobie fan, not the WRX or anything like that. The Liberty is my weakness, pure beauty … Continue reading

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Plant Test

Tweet BLOODY HELL!! I am pissed, really. I don’t think that i can get over this without talking about it. We had a plant test today, the big finale. 40 plants, name then by botanical and common name. I was … Continue reading

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Mum’s Banana Cake

Tweet Well I have had some people asking about this recipe over the last few days, so I thought what a good place to put it up. Here are the ingredients,   125g marg 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 3 … Continue reading

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Body Image

Tweet I started this post title as “Women’s body image”, but then thought that it wasn’t really right. As men have body images as well. I know that when i see a guy with huge arms, i take note (Sometimes!). … Continue reading

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Tweet This is probably the first of many posts on this topic. I AM doing a horticulture Course at the moment. I have decided today that i like plants that are great to touch, the feel of the leaves. Most … Continue reading

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Tweet I dont know if it is just me or are drivers being more stupid in wet weather?? I was driving along a freeway today, i couldn’t hardly see anything from the spray off other cars. I have a white … Continue reading

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Natalia Cooper

Tweet If you live in perth, you will know who i am talking about if not, check her out. She is a news reporter, or weather person i should say. One thing bugs me each day that i see her … Continue reading

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Teen Obesity

Tweet Look around the shops, how many teens are sporting bellies? I am mainly talking about the 17-23 age group. Most of the people that i see walking around have a slight little bellie, but maybe it could be larger … Continue reading

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Passionate Brasilians

Tweet I have been going thru my old letters, that i didnt know that were still around. Ones from Friends long ago and such, when i came upon a love letter from a Brasilian chick, that i lived next door … Continue reading

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Tweet I have just taken up this sport. IT is the best thing ever. I have wanted to do it for ages. Finally had a chance with a friend- Abby. I am in a 415, which i am told is … Continue reading

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