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Not so good

Tweet Well this is bad, i’ve done it this time. Totally screwed things up. I forgot to have a drink before my run this morning and walked about 2/3 of the way. I knew i shouldn’t have eaten that nurtri-grain … Continue reading

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Hair Cut

Tweet Well i got a haircut today, i know it ain’t the most important thing in life, but it sure does feel good. I got rid of my ringlets and the mop on top. Hey that ryhmed, nice work. I … Continue reading

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Opinion piece #1-Self esteem

Tweet Well this is the first of hopefully many. The subject is “People’s reaction to positive commentsâ€? It all started off one day when I was thinking about people getting told that they looked handsome or beautiful. I was surprised … Continue reading

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Tweet I got my results for TAFE today, all competent. That is good news, i dont have to worry about repeating anything now. I can concentrate on getting on with Cert 3. So i might have to have a brewski … Continue reading

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Tweet Well i have to say, there is something about a good old fight. I am usually a person that shy’s away from fights. A symptom from my child hood, but i won’t get into that. I had a good … Continue reading

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Tweet I think that i might have written about this at another time, but this is abit different. My mate from Adelaide, and previously from Coffs Harbour was visiting. He is working in Northam for Elders Telecommunications. He drove down … Continue reading

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10k in hell

Tweet Well i had my 10k run today, i did it in a time of 52:45mins. Not bad, but still over what i had set myself. I wanted to do it in around 45-50 mins. I think i went out … Continue reading

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Things that a hate and a summary of today

Tweet Well i was planning on writing a list of about 10 things that i hate, but then thought that it would be too long and i wouldn’t be able to finish the list at all, so i’ll just start … Continue reading

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Drawing lines on the Cement

Tweet That is what i did for the most part of the day, drew lines on concrete for about 2 hours. It was suprisingly good fun! We were drawing lines that were symbols of paving. That is what i was … Continue reading

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Bad things

Tweet This isn’t going to be a good post, sad information is contained within. I don’t know wether you saw the report on Iraq? They have been doing some civil in that state, keeping a record of when, where, who … Continue reading

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