well i have been sitting here for the last 10 mins wondering what to write about. I am hoping to go out tonight, but i’ll have to see if i can get a call back. Oh by the way just wanted to wish Jo, one of Abby’s friends a happy birthday. She turned 19 a few days ago.

I’m so glad that it is the end of the tax year, I hopefully should get a nice payout, seeing that i went from working full time to study plus i was getting centrelink to take money out as well! At the moment i am aiming for a few grand. Then i can pay off some debts and buy a kayak.

I don’t think that i have written it down yet but i am hoping to go in the hawkesbury classic next year, it is 111km overnight in the first full moon of October. This year it is being run on my birthday. It is going to be hard, that is why i am thinking of going in the brooklyn or bust. Same thing but the “or bust” section gives it away, you make it or not.

better get back to training then champions

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