Holy Crap, this program is great. I have recently transfered from Microsoft products to Mozilla for my email and Internet. The speed increase has been dramatic, i notice a physical increase in speed when web pages are loading. The program is called firefox, it is a great program. Some things do operate differently, but that is fine. What would you expect from a program not made my shabby Microsoft. The other switch i have made in email, i changed to another Mozilla program, Thunderbird. Whilst this program is quite a newie, there are still a few things i would liked changed. Some annoying things, overall though i like it. It enables me to view RSS feeds, which are used on blogs, but not mine unfortunately. They are the way of the future i predict. I get news this way and monitor blogs that i want to keep up with. All the new way of communication in the future i reckon. Oh well check them out and tell us what you think of them. I love them, and will keep on using them well into the future i reckon.

Down with Microsoft, champions

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