I wonder how life would be without lists? If i don’t write lists, i get nothing done. i know that i need to do stuff, but i just procreate, is that spelt wrong? I mean that i just put things off, procrastinate, that looks better 😛 If i have a list though things get done, i had 5 things on my list today, they all got done plus some that aren’t on the list! I could have done them yesterday but i didn’t have a list.
Why do some people do better with lists and other better with no list? Is it just the natural drive or the sense of accomplishment that you get from ticking or crossing things off? It isn’t like i have memory lost yet, my mum does but she is getting on-ish (Sorry mum- i’ll get a hit for that one) and she also has 5 kids to remember things for.

Lists work people, use them Champions

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3 Responses to Lists

  1. Kitta says:

    I joined up, but I hardly use it, I prefer Plaxo – – because it has calendar, notes, tasks and contacts all in one and it syncs with you phone and email software.

  2. Luke says:

    i’m such a sucker for anything listy, i joined. don’t know if i’ll use it. time will tell

  3. Kitta says:

    If you love lists you’ll love Ta Da –

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