Bloody Perth

I want to know who told me that perth got so bloody cold!!! I mean this is colder than Melbourne, -1.8C is just not nice. You know the silly thing, that was the day i took my car to the mechanic and ran home. I figure if it raises about 1C per hour it was about 0.0C when i went for my run, no wonder i felt a bit cold on the chest when i was running. I did enjoy running on the frost anyhow, the park across the road was totally and completely covered in frost so i HAD to run across it and leave my mark on the country side. Looked good to, felt even better.
So someone needs to explain why the people of perth live in houses with no heating, cold tiles, and no blankets. When the temp gets down to 0C or less overnight? It is just plain stupidity to me, although i think that the Melbourninans have a better idea, central heating! Everyone in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide should get it.

Central heating rules Champions

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