The post has a MA+15 rating, please watch for excessive cursing and fowl language.

I fucken hate interviews, i know that there is a technic that you need learn. Still doesnt work for me. I had an interview today that is why im going on about it all. It was for and IT job, part time / casual sorta thing. First off i had to do a test, there were things in there that i fucken didnt know what they were and other shit things like “what is ADSL mean?” like they wanted the long name. I knew that one, so i was kinda lucky. MTU? No fucken way i know now that it means maximum transmission unit. Yeah like i ever heard of that before. Hopefully i did the rest of the interview good. I felt like it was ok, i answered the questions with knowledge. I was a nervous as hell though. What is with that as well , i was only answering questions about what i know about, yet i was quaking in my ‘lil boots. IT SUCKS!

Then when i finished i forgot to shake there hands and thanks them, how rude of me. That was made the whole fucken thing go sour. I don’t think i’ll get the job now just cause of that. 🙁

Don’t forget to shake hands, Champions!!

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