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Hello, thanks for coming and visiting my blog, i will now update you and everyone else that is reading this blog what is going on.

The course is going well, i passed the first semester with flying colours, i don’t know my grade average at the moment. I’m sure it would be at least in the 70-80% though. I have changed over to Landscape now from general horticulture, so that course starts on Monday, 18th. Can’t wait to get stuck into it! Who knew learning the Latin names of plants can be so much fun??!! I’m staying in WA until at least the end of the year, after that time i don’t know what is going on. I have to decided what to do. There is 2 question i have to answer, do i want to keep doing horticulture, and do i want to stay in Perth. My folks moved over here about 2 months ago, so it is fun having them around. I stay at there place most weekends, and go shopping for various things. I have recently got into Kayaking, which is lots of fun when i stop going around in circles! I am hoping to buy one with my tax return. I have also entered a 10k which is in a few Sundays time, 24th July. I then have a city to surf to enter as well that one is 12k. Lots of running for me. I enjoy it, helps to keep me fit when it is so bloody cold over here!!

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  1. Gary (Tower) says:

    Hey Luke, Good to hear you’re still running. I plan to do some more 10k’s when they start again in Melbourne. Keep up the good work.

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