Stupid places for mobile phone towers

I mean this has to be one of the most stupid places to put a phone tower that i have seen. It is just stupidity and political stuff gone silly.It is right in the middle of the car park, the car park at the moment is too small, the whole place is to small. Why put it there ?, there is a car park out the back that doesn’t get used much at all. The laws that allow the telco companies to put up towers where ever they please has to stop! I don’t want mobile phone towers where i can see them. There is a railway going in about 500m behind this, why couldn’t it have gone over that way?? I think i might know why, the company that owns the shopping centre gets paid to have it there, oh more money from them. Who looses out? The customer. I guess that they don’t really care about any of that though.

Think of independent thought Champions.

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2 Responses to Stupid places for mobile phone towers

  1. Luke says:

    yeah i know that, but in the middle of a car park? really… lets use the brain that god gave us

  2. Azzman says:

    The reason they stick them where they do, is to overlap a fall off radius. Think of it like this. Get an A4 piece of paper and put 2 dots anywere on the paper, now get a compass and draw a circle around each of those dots, with the same diameter. Do the 2 circles touch or disect each other? if not then the area between the 2 dots is were you wouldn’t get any reception on your mobile phone.

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