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Better homes and gardens has something to answer to! I was watching the show last night, and boy has it got me ranting and raving to my sister. I mean after all the work that ppl like Don Burke, Jamie Durie, Peter Cundall and the Gardening Australia Crew have done to get Botanical names into the light. These morons come and ruin that by only giving the common name! What imbiciles. One thing that they don’t know is that many plants have different common names, so this can be misleading to the least. It has got up my nose, they didn’t even put down the botanical name on the pop up on the screen for most of the plants, again just the common name. Really annoying, cause i liked some of the plants. Now i won’t be buying them, cause they might have a different common name over here to that of the Easterners. Channel 7 and the Better Homes and Garden Crew, thankyou for taking us back into the dark ages.

Learn more champions.

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