Sunday lovely sunday

Well what a nice day, i had my last sleep in for a while ;( I start TAFE again tomorrow, so it 8am starts till the early reaches of December. I do get two days off though, so maybe i could streach it a bit … I was up until the wee hours doing something that i dont’t normally do, programming. I have been persuaded by persons that wish to take over the world to change my website so that it uses CSS rather than just ordanry HTML. Well that was all well and good until i got caught out and screwed it up for about 30 mins. Turned out to be file extenstions, stupid me. In my defence it was 3am! Today i got lots done, i cleaned the car out, got rid of my tools and paper out of the back of it, Got ready for TAFE, folders etc and i also cleaned my room, it is now spick and span…. Beautiful. 🙂 I then had a sleep on the couch watching the motor sports, i needed it. I was going to do some exercise but then thought that doing the 12k (time 1h 15mins) yesterday was enough and i should have a day off, which i did. I hope to do one on Tuesday or wednesday, and that will be the last before i go in my for my run in the city, Run for gold. I am only mainly going in because of the fact that i like the name, and it gives me a chance to improve on my previous time of 56mins. Well i can’t wait for TAFE to start again, have to see what happens but it looks like it is going to be a great time. Of course i’ll keep you updated.

Follow your dreams champions.

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2 Responses to Sunday lovely sunday

  1. Azzman says:

    Sounds like a fun day, and your anonymous friend is right… if your not going to learn anthing more than basic HTML, like XML or even PHP, the least you can do is use CSS, to clean up your code, and to make style edeting even easier. 🙂

  2. Kitta says:

    Hehe, first Luke, then the world! :o)

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