Second semester of TAFE

Well let me tell you, i had a fantastic day at tafe. It was the best yet, got early marks in all classes!! Yeah who doesnt love an early mark?? It started off that i was waiting in the cold for like 1/2 hour with abby. Good to see her again, talking about how many times she got drunk over the break, and her paddling. Can’t wait to see her paddle past in the Avon decent. She is no. 666 for anyone who wants to know, so they can cheer her on. I am going to start kayaking again after the Avon. She needs to concentrate totally on what is coming up, which i can totally understand. I am excited to cause i hope to buy a kayak around that time as well with part of my tax return 😀 Back to tafe now, it started off with Irrigation, i never knew there was so much stuff to learn about irrigation. People in WA call it retic or reticulation, but basically it is irrigation. I leant about different types of joints, and pipe sizes. Sprinkler types, everything (for the moment) under the sun. Then i had HJ’s as they call it over here, Hungry Jacks (Burger King) for lunch. Mmmm Junior Wopper, i had to save my money for grog and paying the Admin fees! Then as i was leaving the HJ’s i was driving back to tafe and i got a call. It was Westnet!They offered me the job of Support Technician! Whoooo, i was so excited. Finally i landed a job, the only problem being that i have classes on Mondays’ which is when they want me to go in for orientation. I think that i will skip next mondays classes and go. They are based in Osborne Park, which is about 45mins from home, but the good thing is that is only 15mins from M&D. So i might be staying over night a bit more there. Don’t want to do it to much though.
Then in the afternoon class, we basically chatted about landscaping terms like volume, area, length etc. We also talked about visualising distances and stuff, it was a good class. It barely lasted 45mins, when it is meant to be 2hrs. I’m sure that it will get harder. The teachers seem a bit nicer than last year. I just hope that we get more people in my class, 4 is going down to 3. I heard that they are hoping to get some people from the other packed class into ours, need too as well.

A dream lived is a dream followed, champions

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