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Why are weddings so moving? I have tried to work it out for ages, is it cause the Gal looks so Beatuiful in her gown? Is it cause there is a commitment of love and trust involved? Is it cause i long for a relationship like that, one where there is an equal respect for the other person, wholly accepting them and their flaws? Maybe it is just cause i feel a bit lonely today, plus i have been reading some “why do you hate being single” threads on forums. I was watching Oprah today and they had the recap of the $1 million dollar wedding she gave away. To El and a chick, can’t remember her name (sorry!) it struck me how much they loved each other, even if the wedding was like 20 friends at a chinese restuarant. There would have been love in the air.

One thing i do wonder though is the recent change in peoples attitudes towards weddings. It seems that lots of people are changing from the big wedding to the small, 2-3 people at the registar. Why is that? Do they feel that the love is any less beacuse of the fact that there isn’t a whole group of people there to witness. Or does that make it more intermit? I think it depends on the Bride and Groom, what type of personality are they etc. Well i think i have done enough analising today.

We are but minnows in a large pond, champions

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3 Responses to Wedding Movies

  1. Candy says:

    Your very cynical Steve, I feel sorry for you… Getting though life by belittling the careers and achievements of others, I believe you think your hilarious, are you lonely?

  2. Steve-o says:

    ah yes, modelling bridal gowns, those days were the best of my career. Right up there with selling plutonium to North Korea and smuggling black slaves out of Kentucky. Good point though my friend, about wedding movies making one weep. I cried most of the way through The Wedding Singer, as it signalled the end of Adam Sandler’s comedy career and slide into the rubbish heap of Little Nicky and Big Daddy.

  3. Kitta says:

    It may be the gown, when I used to do bridal modelling there would be a few ladies in the auidence crying – which I never understood – I was just modelling a dress.

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