Bad things

This isn’t going to be a good post, sad information is contained within. I don’t know wether you saw the report on Iraq? They have been doing some civil in that state, keeping a record of when, where, who and how people died during this “war”. The figure works out to be 34 people killed everyday, this doesn’t include soliders, just civilans. This figure is as of 5 months ago. It brings tears to my eyes that people can claim to being “defeating terror” when all they do destroy and obliterate peoples lives. I would hate with a passion to be anywhere near that, let alone be in it not of my free will. I guess i’m starting to swing on my opinion of war and terrorism. I used to think that it was a good thing, to some degree. Now i think the opposite, war has NO PLACE in today society that i can see. If war is needed, all you need is a boxing ring, 2 leaders and a vocal crowd. That should fix the problem, easy. No more war.

Some times i dont like watching the news, especially the early morning stuff, cause it is when i have just got up, so i’m half awake, or half way thru my workout. It can be destracting. I was listening today when i heard of 2 reports that got me thinking about the earth. The bush/forest fires in both Spain and Canada are the worst ever. It made me think, what is going on? Is this a result of what we have done to the planet or is it just a cycle in which the earth goes thru? I still don’t have an answer. Enlighten me if you think either way.

I’m going to leave you on a positive note today. Our Prime Minister is over in the US of A at the moment with George W. Bush. Getting a good old pat on the back for being in Iraq. He did make one hilarious quote though, it is about Janet Howard. GW to Johnny- boy, infront of a packed media conference.
“…..Plus you married well”

Why the hell would you say that? I think that GW is getting a bit annoyed at Mrs First Lady and tried to have a crack at Janet. I’m sure Johnny would share though seeing how much he loves GW. I wonder if he has a tat of GWB on his arm?

Just to make you think Champions

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