Drawing lines on the Cement

That is what i did for the most part of the day, drew lines on concrete for about 2 hours. It was suprisingly good fun! We were drawing lines that were symbols of paving. That is what i was doing, we were finding the half way point of lines, without tape measures and such. Just by using string and chalk. OMG i thought that i would never have to use that sort of maths again. Triangles, are intersting things, i learn how to make them as well, using the disect method. You know the one where you get a section on one end and mark it on the ground then go to the other end and the point where they cross is where your line must go? That is what i did. I also found the centre of a circle, but that is more complex and i kind of screwed it up abit too, got the centre about 10mm out. D’oh, oh well only too another 4 tries to get it right, but we got there! Oh and i also did an oval, that was fun as well. This is proberly the most boring post that everyone is reading so i’ll try and spice it up soon, promise. Lets see what can i say.. oh ooh oooh, i spilt half a drink on my keyboard tonight! That was fun, it was Teachers and coke, so after i tipped the stuff out of the keyboard onto my legs and thus the floor as well, i had to take the keyboard apart and wipe it out competely, was fun to say the least, seeing that i have about 14 screws in the back of my keyboard. It took a while to clean it out. To my suprise though it was pretty good in there. Well i think that i have had quite a rant, mostly about nothing important to anyone.

Paving can be fun, honestly champions

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2 Responses to Drawing lines on the Cement

  1. Mum says:

    keep practicing that maths and paving stuff… I know I’ll need you to do some for us one day andf I don’t want it off centre !!

  2. Emz says:

    your so random it cracks me up….gotta love ya !!

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