Things that a hate and a summary of today

Well i was planning on writing a list of about 10 things that i hate, but then thought that it would be too long and i wouldn’t be able to finish the list at all, so i’ll just start it and then take it from there.

1. The smell of anything that has been sitting in water for a few days that makes you gag.
2. Johnny Wilkinson, just because he won the world cup and is a mummies boy.
3. Stupid drivers when it is raining
4. Stupid drivers when it is dry
5. Indian Miner birds (not over west only east, thank god)
6. Run out of things i hate

Well as you can see im not one that likes to hate things, but im sure that there will be more that are added to the list as time goes along. Until then i will fill you in on what my day was like today.

It wasn’t a bad day really, just pretty relaxed. I had advanced landscape, which was fun. The teacher who is taking the course is working in the industry, so it was lots of fun. He did have legs like tree trunks though. Massive man, shorter than me, but huge. At least there is some help for me if i get into laying sandstone etc. He basically talked about how to make concrete and what was needed to make a good concrete or mortar. I also learn about how cement mixers work, quite intersting stuff. Next week we start mixing and making footings for walls etc. I can’t wait to get dirty. So much fun to come i can see that i am going to enjoy this course champions.

Well i have a big weekend planned, catcha on the flip side champions! 🙂

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  1. C'est Moi says:

    Pttff, magpies are worse.

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