10k in hell

Well i had my 10k run today, i did it in a time of 52:45mins. Not bad, but still over what i had set myself. I wanted to do it in around 45-50 mins. I think i went out to fast in the start, as i was right near the front, where all the fast people were. I just had to get into my groove and sit there. Hard though when you are being overtaken by ever imaginable person in the race. I felt as though i was coming last, well at least a race for last. It was good to know that i didn’t come in last. My mum and Dad came down to watch me run, which was nice of them. It is my first race since i did the Sun Herald Olympic run back last year. I got a time of 56:45min in that one. So i guess that i have to look at the positive side of things, i did beat my previous time, but not by much. I want to enter the City to Surf 2005 now, that is a 12k. If i can do that in the same/similar time i would be over the moon. I mean, damn i was hoofing it, but i need to work on technique a bit as well. Apparently i don’t use my full stride. Things can get better. All my friends say that the time that i did it in was really good, but alas im not happy. Cause i know that i can do better!! Well i have to get ready for my 12k run on Wednesday. I wouldn’t mind having some company, so give me a shout if you feel upto it, by posting a comment. I must be one of those people that show grit on there faces as i got comments from every marshall, giving me encouragement. I love getting encourgement, you feel so special when it happens. 🙂

Run like the wind, i know someone famous said that, but boyi was running like a rainy day, champions

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2 Responses to 10k in hell

  1. Emz says:

    man you make me tired that is wicked you are doin all this…GO LUKE !!!…and all im doing is sitting here at the computer typing in this little box !! hehehe nah, beat you to the corner when i come over…deal or no deal ???? ( and no money put on this one coz severe pain to the abdominal region may be increased due to the likielyhood of my carking it half way !! hehehe)

  2. danno says:

    Nice work on the 10K mate, i’ve just been building up my fitness since good old glandy last year. I’m prob doing about 3K 5-6 times a week at the moment and playing squash once a week too! Loving it mate, so i’m sure you can do better, but look on the bright side, at least you can do it!!

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