I think that i might have written about this at another time, but this is abit different. My mate from Adelaide, and previously from Coffs Harbour was visiting. He is working in Northam for Elders Telecommunications. He drove down and stayed at my folks place and i also stayed there. It was sweet we went out on Friday night to the movies and we saw Sin City. It had to be the weirdest movie i have seen for ages. It was just fun hanging out with Matt. He has to be one of my best mates. Absolute champion in my books. We slept in on Saturday, and headed off to Margaret River on saturday mid morning. It was a solid 3 hr trip down. It was just good heading down and getting out of the city for a bit. I enjoyed catching up with Matt, he is a great bloke. Easy to chat with, about almost anything.

The means of transport was a hire car, not a shitty one either. A Nissan Maxima, almost top of the range as well! It sat quite nicely on about 110km. We eventually go there and had a look around the township. Nice little place, reminded me of a snow village. We then headed out to the breaks, went to all the famous ones, Blowies, the Box, Southies, Northies, Yallingup. Matt feel in love with this place, wanted to move there, but i think he will need a bit more money first. We then headed back to Margarets and had dinner the Settlers tavern. Great country meals, big servings i would recommend that people go there for a good feed. Not to expensive as well.

I really enjoyed the trip back home, seeing that i didn’t drive at all, just slept for 2/3 of it. I would call them naps. It was just good having a nice quite trip away, time to catch up with a mate that i haven’t seen in ages. Hopefully i can keep up the contact, i would like to. Time will tell what happens.

Follow your dreams for you don’t know what tomorrow will hold Champions.

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  1. Emz says:

    nice to hear you guys had such a wicked time ! you’ll have to take me there when i come over in october !!

  2. Steve-o says:

    good to hear you had a fun trip and finally got to sample the best of WA. How good is North Point and the Box?!!

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