Well i have to say, there is something about a good old fight. I am usually a person that shy’s away from fights. A symptom from my child hood, but i won’t get into that. I had a good fight with my dad on Sunday night. I think it was proberbly the first fight that i have had, ever with him. Usually it is him, going off (to an extent) and me just taking it all. This time it was different, we both expressed our point of view at the same time, it was a classic fight. I loved it! Well not loved at the time, i did enjoy it at the time though 😛 I might be a bit sick?? Basically it came down to a lack of communication.
I think i am starting to stand up for myself more. I don’t think i take shit from people as much any more. I have had a few fights online as well, they have been good. It is a fight of a different type though, cause you can add flare to your own words but dont know if they are being interpeted the same way on the other end. I’m not going to tell you who the fights were between online. Just to keep you hanging. I do wonder why fights happen, i know that they are a lack of communication most of the time. Like that was the case with dad and I. There are times also when ideas don’t meet, but maybe this is more of a heated debate. Or is that just another word for a fight?

Take fights as a walk in the right direction, towards a better life Champions

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  1. Steve-o says:

    Sounds good mate, and you’re right, fights are pretty healthy. Especially when it comes to family and the amount of stuff that goes unsaid if we don’t fight about it. I’m due for a fight with my sisters soon, so will keep you posted.

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