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Wedding Movies

Tweet Why are weddings so moving? I have tried to work it out for ages, is it cause the Gal looks so Beatuiful in her gown? Is it cause there is a commitment of love and trust involved? Is it … Continue reading

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Second semester of TAFE

Tweet Well let me tell you, i had a fantastic day at tafe. It was the best yet, got early marks in all classes!! Yeah who doesnt love an early mark?? It started off that i was waiting in the … Continue reading

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Sunday lovely sunday

Tweet Well what a nice day, i had my last sleep in for a while ;( I start TAFE again tomorrow, so it 8am starts till the early reaches of December. I do get two days off though, so maybe … Continue reading

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West Coast Supporters appaling behaviour

Tweet You read it right people, West Coasters are dog supports. There is no need to boo the other team when they get a goal. That is just plain UNSPORTSMAN LIKE. I have witnessed it first hand and also watched … Continue reading

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Gardening Shows

Tweet Better homes and gardens has something to answer to! I was watching the show last night, and boy has it got me ranting and raving to my sister. I mean after all the work that ppl like Don Burke, … Continue reading

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Email Problems

Tweet I have tried to access and setup my free space on the ISP i use, AAPT. How ever i don’t know how to get in, the system they use is different to the email address that i use. However … Continue reading

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Tweet For those of you that don’t know what this is it is a computer term, basically meaning Serial ATA. How the hard drive connects to the motherboard and the rest of the computer. It is official I HATE SATA. … Continue reading

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Stupid places for mobile phone towers

Tweet I mean this has to be one of the most stupid places to put a phone tower that i have seen. It is just stupidity and political stuff gone silly.It is right in the middle of the car park, … Continue reading

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Esp for Tower Peoples

Tweet Hello, thanks for coming and visiting my blog, i will now update you and everyone else that is reading this blog what is going on. The course is going well, i passed the first semester with flying colours, i … Continue reading

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Bloody Perth

Tweet I want to know who told me that perth got so bloody cold!!! I mean this is colder than Melbourne, -1.8C is just not nice. You know the silly thing, that was the day i took my car to … Continue reading

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