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International Blog Day

Tweet Well, to some of you it might not be interesting. I reckon it is. So in the true tradition of blog day, i will post 5 new blogs. Well some of my fav’s anyhow, and some new ones………. Kathryn … Continue reading

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Am i the most hated man on the Internet?

Tweet Well some might think i am. Some wouldn’t know, and some wouldn’t give a rats (arse that is), some would be happy. Not to many people i think, except for close friends. But i now have a girlfriend. 😀 … Continue reading

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Good sore

Tweet I woke up today stiff all over. It was a feeling that i tend to like and dispise at the same time. I like it cause i can look back at why i’m sore. Running the City to Surf … Continue reading

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Damn Knee’s

Tweet Can i get another knee? Mine is playing up. This is the first time that it has done this, i can’t walk on it. Feels like i have got one of the nerves caught whilst running or sitting in … Continue reading

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City to Surf II

Tweet Well i finished. I felt really good thru out the whole race. I did get a small stich for a bit, and a bit of muscle cramp, damn calves and bitumen don’t agree. I tried to run on the … Continue reading

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Plant porn?

Tweet My mates were chatting about me, and thinking that i liked plant porn more than regular porn. Who can deny this? Man that make me so horny……not. Although i do hold a soft spot for it in my little … Continue reading

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City to Surf

Tweet Well, the time is apon me where i must go and try and kill myself in a 12km “fun run” Sure it will be fun, almost 5 thousand other people running to, at least i will be overtaking lots … Continue reading

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Awkward moments

Tweet Right, this is a bit of a touchy subject, mainly because of the fact that it is still current. I like this girl. NO i won’t tell you who she is. I know that i blog but really some … Continue reading

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You know your sad when…..

Tweet You hear a song from a new CD that your sister bought, and the only reference you have for it is from The Simpsons. It is a sad day indeed. I can’t remember the CD but i think it … Continue reading

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Feeling shit

Tweet I feel like shit today, not physically. Just emotional. I don’t know why either, not like i am not looking forward to the weekend or anything. In fact it is going to be one of the biggest weekends i … Continue reading

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