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Well, it finally happened. I got my first piece of fan mail today, and i must say. It is quite tasteful. I hopefully will get a pic up on flickr soon for you to look at. It makes me chuckle every time that i see it. I will try to describe it but will probably fall way short of the mark. So here it comes:
it is a postcard, with a picture of a woman on the front in under-garments only, she is on her side with cleveage busting out of it. The top part of the card has a thought bubble over her head, with Luke written in it. Then on the right is a saying, Here comes dancer, here comes prancer, here comes Brian, here comes Tim. The only thing crossed out in this sentence is the Brian and Tim, and these are replaced with Luke. Don’t get this wrong, this chick is quite a looker. Then on the back is a little not saying ” You can be the little spoon baby (love heart), from your secret admirer xxxxx” Oh-la-la. You got me all red in the face!! :). I have my ideas as to who it might be, i haven’t checked the post mark as yet, but that should narrow it down too my two thoughts anyhow. I think the 2 suspects are thick as thieves anyhow. And seeing that i have a running joke on IRC (internet relay chat) about me, it does limit the options on who it is. Well i just checked the post mark and there isn’t one. Im totally stuffed now. The chick on the front does remind me of some one though, i won’t say who…….. you know who you are. I also forgot to mention that the card is laced with a perfume as well, making it more sexy.

Figure it out and you will be the champion.

{edit}- I have placed photos on Flickr at {/edit}

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