Standing tall

I have been noticing lately lots of tall people that slouch. I’m no exception to the rule, i don’t like standing tall. I feel as though i stand out to much, it requires lots of self confidence to do it. Lately though i have been thinking of all the shit i am having to go thru in later life if i don’t do it now, so i am trying to make a concious effort. When i am walking in the shops, i put my hand behind my back, flat. I make sure that it is straight, well to a degree anyhow. It is just a prompt to make me stand up tall. So i think that all tall people should take the effort to stand up tall. Not only will it save you later at the doctors, but also your insides will thank you. I have been thinking about this more and more, i don’t think that it only applies to tall people, although i notice them more, cause i fall into that catergory. I think that lots of people slouch, cause of the way that they see themselves. I think this somehow links back to my opinion piece about self image. I’m not sure at this stage in time.

Stand tall, be proud champions. Nothing to be afraid of, except life 🙂

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  1. Mumsy wumsy says:

    Well, son I am VERY glad that at last you are starting to believe what I have been saying to you for the last 20 something years !!! Tall people look great when they stand up straight as it does reflect what they think of themselves….you are too gorgeous to hunch down… stand tall and proud, my boy !! and don’t go for a short girlfriend… tall guys and really short girls just look wrong … and besides, you’d get a ricked neck from having to lean down to kiss her…he he

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