Human indulgeance

Well, i think i have found the most stupid thing i could think could ever happen. I migh make a poem out of it. I’m not a crash bag poet either!

I was sitting on the loo today (sorry for the image) and i looked over at the TP, what did i see?
A little puppy looking back at me
Why was he there, i don’t want to know
For he was looking thru more TP back at me
Why are images of doggies on TP?
For they sell more money to the biddies.

Well that was my poem, hope you liked it. I like normal white TP, just seems wrong with anything else on ther, except maybe for a lovely floral design :P.

Question everything, champions- even the TP!

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One Response to Human indulgeance

  1. Kitta says:

    My TP has little puppies on it too, I think they’re cute, but a tad silly.

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