Avon Decent

I went up to watch people shoot over rapids today in a white water race called the avon decent. It was quite fun, my friend Abby was in the race, she was towards the back of the field, but i still gave her a big cheer. I also did the same with her mum too, as she was right behind her. They decided to go over the side where there was an actual rapid, but there just wasn’t enough water for them to get down without bouncing around in there kayaks.
The fun was had earlier in the morning when people were trying to shoot the rapids, well they were going over the poly-pipe. It is just like irrigation pipe, lade out over the rapids, for the power boats and kayaks to go over. This is because the water level would be too low for them to get over without this there. Many more boats would be damaged without this.
It was a nice day, i managed to have about 5-6 naps thru out the day, cause the sun was so warm it sent me to sleep. Plus i sat up last night talking on IRC, till around 2.30am then got up at 7am. I love that so much, best part of my day, esp after work too.

The reason i went to watch the avon decent is because i want to do it next yr, with any luck i will have a kayak in the next few months. I can then start practicing all the safety moves that i might need. I also want to do the hawksberry classic, which is a 111km race that is run over 24hrs. Extreme sorta sport, but looks like so much fun. Hopefully i can get into that as well. The avon is over 2 days and is like 130km.

I will kayak in a race one day, champions

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