I’m going to commit a moral sin and tell you some thing that is going to scare you. Please be seated whilst reading this post. I know that the chances are that you will be seated but i needed to clear myself for legal reasons. Now onto the confession. I choke when there is to much salt in a product. There i’ve said it. The reasons behind this are not know, it doesn’t happen all the time, just on certain foods mainly. It mainly happens when i breath in the fumes from the food. They just make me cough, it isn’t like i die or anything. Although i can have repeated coughs, for several minutes. Sometimes i laugh when in coughing and that makes it worse as it exgaurates the symptoms. Does anyone else suffer from this debilitating condition? I need help. No not mental help either, if that is what you were thinking.

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  1. kelvin yorke says:

    Kia Ora From a blogger down under in New Zealand. Have you ever thought it might be “the food” – not the salt. You will have to give up eating !!! (Hehe) Great bog – sorry blog !!! I’ll be back…………

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