I work at an ISP in Perth, it is a good company. I have only been working there for a few weeks, i havent taken many calls yet. I only work there part time, so it is good. I was listening in the other day ill try and fill in the picture for you. The customer was talking absolute crap, about the weather or something with a fandangle computer thingo. Then the subject changed, and Peter- the guy i was listening in too, wasn’t listening to the convo. He was waiting for the computer to boot up.

Customer- i don’t know how you do this job day in day out?
Peter- Ok
Me(laughing)- He asked how you do it all day, not if you were ok.
Peter- Oh right, um yeah you get used to it……

This may not be funny to some people, but to me it had me laughing. It’s just to show you that sometimes on the other end of the phone that people aren’t listen. Although you wouldn’t get me doing it, im to conserative (yeah right!!)

Overcome and Adapt champions.

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