24 hours

No not the movie or even the Tv show, but a new record that i have set. Yes i finally did it. 24 hours awake, with NO stimulatants. Ok maybe a can of coke at a movie night, but that is all.

I got up a 5am, to go to work all day. well unleast till 2.30. That was quite boring as i sat there again and did nothing, just listened. Then came home, made a wicked home made potato salad and got ready to go to the movie night. Natural adereline was my co-pilot. I drove down to Noodlez place, which co-incidently i got lost finding. It is a good idea to get the exact address of people when you are going to visit them. I think i knocked on about 5 house doors. Was quite embrassing, i finally go there though. It did cross my mind that i should leave, but that would have been the chicken answer. I think i recognised Phobias car, and went to almost all the houses in the complex of 5. Ok back to it now, i had a great time at the Movie night. Hackers with Angelina and Transformers the movie were on the menu, so was an hour of talk about WoW (World of Warcraft). i’m not a gamer, so i just sat there and entered in stupid coments, trying to look cool. Didn’t work though.

We left Noodlez place around 12, and headed home. I took Dogmatrix with me as he had to get to Subiaco. He is a cool guy. I then procceded to get lost, well not really lost, but just went the long way around, i did know where i was, honestly.

I arrived home at my folks place at around 12.30am. I’m feeling a bit weary, but decide to jump onto IRC. Big mistake, i got chatting to a couple of people. Some drunk guy came in the chat, so that was funny for about 1 hr. He had an incident with an ironing board early in the evening. i’m not going to explain, to shocking. So now it was like, i dont know 2-ish, more people started to join. Phobia came on, he is good fun to had a good laugh with him.
He left around 3 i think. I might have my times mixed up cause i was starting to get head spins from tiredness. Don’t worry though, i’m not some sort of chicken, it was only 2 hours to go. I couldn’t stop now. I started typing more and more, at one stage i was writing the convo for both myself and kitta. It was one wack convosation, let me tell you that. I finally made it to 5am, what an achievement, no real stimulants just the love of staying up late. I do wonder though if i will do it again, proberbly not for a while i have to much shit on this week and with TAFE assignments and all it is going to be hard. I’ll have to wait and see.

Now i wonder if that makes me a non N00b geek now? Cause technically i did spend like over 12 hours in front of a computer screen.

Lastly champions, good music is essential on a long stint in front of a computer. Although some how i didnt have any and was quite alright. Weird.

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3 Responses to 24 hours

  1. kelvin yorke says:

    Kia Ora from a krazy blogger down under in New Zealand. 52 hours is the longest I have gone without sleep, because I was helping to get a shop ready for opening day. I also get up at 5am on a Friday and go through to 11pm Saturday. 24 hours of that is blogging. Check out my profile if you want. http://www.blogger.com/profile/9098295

  2. Gussy says:

    it isnt my total longest, i have done 50hrs. But that was on a plane, so doesn’t really count to much.

  3. Noodlez says:

    I still think it was a pretty poor effort. I think my longest stint of not sleeping has been almost 48 hours. Respect will come to you when you do that 🙂

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