I have been thinking about this over the last couple of days. Why does our water consumption go down over winter. I don’t mean domestic, i mean individual. Like recently i have taken up drinking large quanties of water. All right they might not be that large, only 1 litre a day. It is more than i was having a few weeks ago. I could go for a day without a drink of water. Maybe it is the exercise that i am doing? I don’t know really, but all i do know is that it is boring. Water is a boring medium. Sure it doesn’t really have a taste. The only taste that it has comes from other minerals within it. Like chlorine, and rust. Mmm, rust that tastes good :P.

I tend to keep away from the soft drinks esp. Coke or caffine. I don’t know why really, i think i don’t like the way that they are destroying the planet. It is a small protest, but i buckle sometimes and drink it. I reckon i am going to have to buy some water containers for the car, so then i can drink all the time.
I almost forgot to tell you, one reason that i don’t like water is that it makes you pee more. I know, i know. It isn’t like it takes a long time to pee, but really who wants to go to the loo every 30mins. That over the course of the day is like………a long time. However i do know that it is good for my body, and that is the main reason that i have started to drink it again, now. Cause it is meant to help with the repair of muscles etc. And seeing that i run, i think it would be a good thing.

Drink water, any type, any time champions. Your body will thank you. 🙂

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